Dundh Sagar water Fall

The waterfall is 60km east of Panaji, 10 km from Kolem railway station. It falls from a height of 603 meters. The colour of the water is milky white thus named Dudhsagr or ocean of milk.

Avram Water Fall

In a pleasant shaded site with a temple near their foot, the waterfalls are formed at the end of a small gorge.This waterfall, which cascades down from the mountains, from a height of 50 metres, is one of the most awe-amazing spots. This charming waterfall is a mind-blowing experience, with Rudreshwar temple in its vicinity. The temple holds importance for the Hindus who believe in releasing the soul on the 12th day after death. The Rock cut caves are just situated nearby. The Government has also developed a park from which the view of the waterfall can be peacefully relished.