Mangesh Temple

The Mangeshi temple is the most famous temple which is believed to be 400-year-old. A unique feature of this temple is multi-storied lamp tower. The famous singer, Lata Mangeshkar's ancestral home is located in this Mangesh village.

Apart from Mnagesh temple, the other temples are Shri Shanta Durga, Shri Ramnath, Shri Mahalsa, Shri Gopal Ganapati, Shri Nagesh, Shri Saptakoteshwara and Shri Mahalakshmi. All these temples escaped the fury of the Portuguese who destroyed all other temples at Bardez.

Shri Bhagwati

Below the St Joseph Church immediately to its north,this temple stands in Pernem, which is 28 Kms from Panaji, for the east 500 years. The entrance is highlighted by the presence of 2 life-size elephant images made up of Blackstone. A very impressive Goddess Bhagavati Ashtabhuja stands on a high pedestal. The temple is flooded with thousands of devotees to celebrate Dussehra from Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada to Poornima. It is green painted 500 years old temple.

Shri Devi Bhagvati Snenyas Temple

In the tiny hamlet of Parsi, about six km southwest of Pernem, is the remarkable 19th century Shri Devi Bhagwati Senayan Temple. The temple has twin deepstambhas ( lamp towers) in front and five romanesque arches.

Shri Morja Devi Ttemple

The Shri Morja Devi Temple in the village is of special interest because of one its affiliated shrines dedicated to a Jain guru. This suggests an ancient heritage to the temple, since Jainism was sponsored by both the Chalukyas and the Rashtrakuta dynasties who ruled over the region from the sixth to 10th centuries AD.

Shri Purchevo Ravalnatha Temple

There is a particularly striking medieval image of the half eagle-half human Garuda, who acts as the vahana (carrier) of lord Vishnu.