Church of our Lady of Help

It gives thanks to the safe arrival of a Portuguese vessel after a fierce storm at the sea, built in 1565 Ad.The Holy Hill has number of churches. The Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Rosary (1526) belongs to the earliest period of church building, the architectural style that evolved borrowed from Iberian decoration, but also included many local naturalistic motifs as well as Islamic elements, seen on marble cenotaph owing to the Hindu and Muslim craftsmen employed.

The church here has a two storey entrance, a single tower and low flanking turrets. Behind it is.the Royal Chapel Of St Anthony (1543), the national saint of Portugal and Tower Of Augustine.Further on it is the Convent Of St Monica and Church And Convent Of St John Of God. The other places of interest are House For Jesuit Father, Modern Art Gallery, the St. Catherine (the largest church in old Goa built by the Dominicans between 1562- 1623 AD in a Tuscan style), Palace Of Inquisition, the Church And Convent Of Assis, Archaeological Museum, the Viceroy's Arch, Church Of St. Cajetan and Gate Of The Fortress Of The Adil Shah.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus (1594)

The world popular church contains the body of St.Francis Xavier, a former pupil of soldier -turned -saint, Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Order of Jesuits. St. Francis Xavier remains the principal spiritual treasure of the territory .The Jesuits began work on their own church in 1594. By 1605 it was finished and consecrated. In 1613 the body of St.Francis was brought there from the Clooege of ST Paul.

It was moved into the church in 1624 and its present chapel in 1655 where it has remained ever since. St Francis was canonijzed by Pope Gregory xv in 1622 and in 1964 Pope Pius Xll raised the church to a minor basilica. The Order of Jesuits was suppressed in 1759 and its property confiscated by the State. The church was, however allowed to continue services.

Se Cathedral

This is the most imposing churches of all the churches at Old Goa. Its vaulted interior overwhelms the visitors by sheer grandeur. This Cathedral has five bells of which one is the famous Golden bell, the biggest in Goa and one of the best in the world. The church is dedicated to St.Catherine. It originally had to towers of which only one exists today.

St. Cajetan Church

This is one of the famous churches that were built during the Portuguese regime. This church is built in the style of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The Church of Mae de Deus

Situated 13kms. from Panaji amidst picturesque surroundings, in the village of Saligao, this beautiful church is the finest piece of gothic style. The shrine of the miraculous statue of Mae de Deus (Mother of God) was brought from the ruins of the convent of Mae de Deus at Old Goa.This beautiful church is the finest piece of Gothic style. The church is well illuminated at night.