Rock Cut Caves of Khandepar

These caves were encarved way back in the 12th century and were rediscovered in 1970. These caves are found 36 kms from Panaji in village called Khandepar in the Ponda Taluka. The 4 caves are situated in close vicinity, with the 1st and the 2nd one being almost linked, the 3rd is just at a distance of one meter and the 4th is apposite the first cave. The 4th cave was probably used for meditation and prayers and has the pedestal to hold the 'linga' in it.

Rock Cut Caves of Arvalem

These cave are also called the 'Pandavas Caves' as folk tales say that the Pandavas stayed here during their exile. This caves were encarved in the 5th or 6th century A.D. They have 5 compartments among which the middlemost compartment holds the 'linga' which is till today regarded with great respect. It is situated 100 metres away from Sri Rudreshwar Temple and Arvalem waterfall.